Ch. Randa's Little Bit Of Heaven
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Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Great-Grandparents
CH Randa's Heaven Can Wait
(TM794596/03)(fawn/black mask)(Bubba)( 1/25/1992)
CH Ritter's Busy Beaver
Ch. Ritters Just Right Ch. Ritters Wooden Nickel Ch. Paulmar Little Luke
Ch. Ritters Happy Days
Ch. Ritters Chinese Fortune Ch. Sheffields Charlatan
Ch. Ritters No Nonsense
Ch. Ritters Smarty Pants Ch. Ritters Tuff Enuff Ch. Ritters Benson Chelsea
Ritters Trick Or Treat
Ch. Ritters Somebody Loves Me Ch. Sheffields Charlatan
Ch. Chrittres No Nonsense
CH TLC's Miranda R.O.M
Ch. Woodchucks Bama Red Rooster Ch. Carol's Wild Card Of Woody's Karens Little Spunk
Temper Larouge
Charisma's Hot Stuff Ch. Dhandys Favorite Woodchuck
Ch. Sheps Cotton Ginny Of Carol
TLC Peach Brandy Ch. Cameon's Bubba Smith Ch. Bonjor Clark Kent
Ch. Rowells Touch Of Tiffany ROM**
(Fawn Black Mask)
Ch. Blossoming Beauty Ch. Sheps Sassafras Coca
Ch. Perrys Private Benjamin
Waterside Sea Sprite
(TN710104/04)(fawn)(Sprite)( 5/ 7/1998)
Ch. Clari Jolly Jhester
Am. & S. Afr. Ch. Pugini Andreo Of Clari Eng. Ch. Pugini Prima Perfetta Harann Teddy Edward Of Pugini
Princess Tigerlily Of Pugini
Poosbury Punchinita At Pugini Poobury Piggy Malone
Harann Pandora Pen Poosbury
S. Afr. Ch. Clari On Sweet Minx Murphy Brown Deomanrandi Kenny
S. Afr. Ch. Waylanya Magic Minx Of Clari Betwinhard Gemini
Crislin Yoko
Waterside Moi Noir Olivia
CH. Tollkey Starcrost R.O.M. Am. & Can. Ch. Sheridane Wizard R.O.M. Am. & Can. Ch. Waterside Sorcerer
Can. Ch. Sheridane Majic Ring
Waterside Spring Lace Am. & Can. Ch. Pelshire's Excalibur R.O.M.
Waterside Irish Lace
Waterside Blackberry Tempest Am. & Can. Ch. Waterside Sorcerer Am. & Can. Ch. Pelshire's Excalibur R.O.M.
Am. & Can. Ch. Waterside Blackberry Imp
Waterside Irish Lace Ch. Waterside Liam Himself
Pelshires Magic Victory