The A B C's of Housebreaking


To successfully house-train a puppy, you must be consistent. If the puppy is eight weeks or older, a careful training program can produce results in as little as a week just follow these A B C's.

A. Paper training will not train your puppy to go out doors. It will train her to use the papers (her place to go). you should start and take your puppy outside at 8 weeks old .

B. Try to be consistent. Always take your puppy to the same spot outside, and about the same time if possible.

C. It is important to take your puppy out early in the morning and before going to bed at night. Also after every feeding.

D. Don't take your puppy outdoors except for training. Limit your puppy's time outside until she is house-trained before letting her play outdoors. Otherwise she won't associate being outside with her training

E. Always praise your puppy when she goes outdoors, and scold her in a loud voice when she goes in the house.

F. It may be necessary to limit nightly food and water. Confine your puppy at night or when left alone.



Remember that a young puppy does not have complete control over its elimination-the smaller the breed, the more often they must go. Frequent trips to the yard (or papers if you want a paper-trained dog forever) are very necessary in the first two weeks. Do not play or talk to the puppy on these outings, he is learning that this is the elimination time, not play time. Always take him to the same area (using an exercise pen, perhaps, to keep him wherever he's supposed to be) for this purpose. When he goes, lavish praise and/or treats reinforce his behavior-and then he can come in and play. If he doesn't go, it's a good idea to put him back in his crate for a short time and then try again later.

Punishment for mistakes in the house in these early weeks doesn't teach, and may cause behavior problems-the trick is to prevent the mistakes from happening in the first place! Remember that your love and approval are the most important things you can give your puppy-he will do anything to gain them; this is the best incentive used in any training.