Other Mutts

PDCA members do not support nor condone the intentional breeding of mixed breed, "designer" dogs.

Please do not ask our members to participate in such endeavors.

Producing a stable new breed of dog requires perhaps 30 years of extensive commitment from many people all working together. It involves years of study and planning to select the proper dogs to produce a breed for which there is a true and demonstrated need.

Mixed breed dogs are not automatically more healthy than the component breeds. When breeding any two parents you are just as likely to get all the bad characteristics of the two as you are all the good qualities. There is no way to predict exactly what characteristics will be produced in any mixed breed puppies. Part of the benefit of breeding pure breed dogs is knowing what the characteristics and qualities of the dogs produced will be.

Mixed breed dogs are just that and no matter what fancy name is given to them or how much they cost, they are still just mixed breed dogs.

If you are considering adding a mixed breed dog to your home please consider adopting one from your local rescue or shelter.